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Hurlock Vanguard.jpg
In Ferelden's final hours, the archdemon sets the darkspawn horde upon the great city of Denerim. You are a hurlock vanguard, born to lead and eager for blood. The archdemon's whispers compel you forward--compel you to kill.

Hurlock Vanguard Skills

The targeted darkspawn becomes your thrall, serving until death. Up to three thralls can fight at your command simultaneously. If a thrall disappoints you, use this ability on it again to execute the underperformer.
War Cry.jpg
War Cry
The Vanguard lets out a fearsome cry that gives nearby enemies a penalty to attack. With superiority, nearby enemies are also knocked down unless they pass a physical resistance check.
Shield Pummel.jpg
Shield Pummel
This character follows up an attack with two hits from the shield, dealing normal damage with each attack. If the target fails a physical resistance check, it is stunned. Shield Mastery doubles the character's strength bonus for each strike.
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